This blog belongs to a somewhat crazy 21 year old girl. I’m from Sweden and am currently living in our second biggest city, where I’m doing a tecnhical basic year at Chalmers.

I love reading, photography, and drawing. I also like writing and participated in NaNoWriMo 2012. I won and am now trying to finish writing the novel that I started. Moreover I love fantasy and science fiction.

I find geeks to be very interesting people, simply cause you have more to talk to them about, and I’m also a bit of one myself. I also like odd personalities – Sheldon Cooper ftw!

I listen to loooads of music and have a very varied taste in music. I’ll listen to anything from calm songs to death metal. Some of my favourite bands are Amorphis, Foster The People, Bullet For My Valentine, Rise Against, The Killers and a bunch of others. I also watch a lot of films and tv-series, but have far too many favourites to go into them.

So the blog contains a mixture of all my interests and what life is like when you’re trying to figure things out. Hopefully you’ll like it!


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