A long day

So yesterday was pretty awesome all in all! Started out with school which finished at 12 for once (yay!). And then got back to the apartment and talked to my grandpa and uncle for quite a while. Then I went home by train. So good to be home again! I had dinner with the family and then went to a movie night at my friends’ house. We watched The House at the End of the Road, which had you jumping all the way through haha. And once I got back home my sister’s friend gave me and my sister a ride into town and we spent the night out! We’ve been saying the two of us need to go out together ever since she turned 18 (which was in March ehem), but we’ve both been too busy (or too tired haha) to do it. But yesterday we finally made it work! Was great to spend some time with her after not meeting for three weeks.

Anyway I’m pretty tired now, as you may have guessed, and about to spend the day studying. School

Noticed the fall has really come today

Got to meet the world’s best dog. She’s a bit crazy but awesome haha

Night club!

And my sister! Just look at her, no wonder the guys like her đŸ˜‰


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