Free dinner at uni

I finished uni at 3 today but stayed until 6 (#nolife). This is turning out to be a hell of a week study wise. At least today was a bit fun cause they had this study night at school where they offered free dinner, which is always nice. However it turned out be seafood soup, which pretty much contains everything I don’t like eating haha. Luckily they had a vegetarian option (leak and broccoli soup) so today I’m a vegetarian if anyone were to ask haha.

I’m starting to get back to my bad habit of going to bed far too late. So that’s not very good at all. I should really try to go to bed earlier again, but that’s hard when you already have so little free time. Oh well, that’s a problem for future Helena (aka extremely tired me tomorrow morning).
Good night!

Part of my very fancy dinner



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