Graphics tablet and my first attempts at making a decent digital drawing

So Friday last week  I finally got my drawing tablet, which I need for the Concept Art course which I’m currently taking (both my courses -concept art, and creative writing-, started last week!). Since then I have spent several hours learning how to draw with it, which has been both challenging and fun. Today I’ve spent a bunch of hours making my first “finished” drawing with the graphics tablet and the result is what is shown further down in the post. It took ages drawing this haha! I’m not completely satisfied with it but I guess it’s okay for being my first finished digital drawing.

I have to say I’m happy with my final choice of drawing tablet. It took me ages to decide which one to buy, but now that I finally have it I’m happy with both the size I chose (medium) and the actual brand (wacom intuos). Even though this is the only graphics tablet I’ve ever used, I know it’s a great one and it’s actually not all that hard using it. At first it took some getting used to looking at another screen while drawing and not at what you’re drawing on, but once you get used to it it works fine.

I also downloaded Corel Sketch Pad today which has turned out to be pretty good. When you buy an Intuos you get to download a software for free and this was the one I chose. There are some negative aspects to it – there are not as many tools as I’d like etc – but there’s no denying the fact that the brushes are great! The brushes mimic real brushstrokes perfectly with brushes such as acrylic, water colour, acrylic and oil. But my favourite brush so far is the blender! The blender is great and really makes the drawing process a lot eaiser. I absolutely love the blender!

On another note I’m probably going skiing tomorrow at a new and bigger place so YAAAAAAAAY for that!!!!!!!

And my first finished digital drawing ever! I can’t draw hair on paper and apparently I can’t draw it digitally either haha




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