Skiing in the French alps – A freaking amazing day

When I woke up this morning I thought it’d be a day like every other but oh so wrong I was! My host family were going skiing in the alps and asked if I wanted to come, and let’s just say I didn’t hesitate!

You just cannot believe it when you reach the top and look out at the view. It’s truly breathtaking. The alps are so damn beautiful and it was definitely worth the money to look at the view up there. I’ve even got to say that skiing in the French alps is one of the best things I’ve ever done. The only thing which beats it is my Egypt trip, so that if anything should make you realize how truly amazing it was! Never before have I seen such a wonderful view. And skiing again for the first time in about two years was sooooo much fun! I absolutely love skiing, especially going fast haha. I wasn’t only the actual skiing that was amazing though, but it was also incredible going up there by car and seeing the alps all around us as we did so.

Another thing which was pretty fun to see was how quickly the weather changes as you go up the alps. We started the trip here in the village where I live where there is no snow whatsoever and after only a 20 minute drive there was already quite a bit of snow and after 40 minutes there was loads and loads of snow! It’s fascinating how the weather is so very different only 40 minutes from here!

But the best is not over yet! I ended up renting ski equipment for the whole season so I will definitely be going skiing there again!

Something else worth mentioning might be the fact that my legs will be completely dead tomorrow and that is not only due to the skiing. This morning I ran over 6 km unaware that I was going skiing in the afternoon, so today has definitely been filled with exercise and my guess is that I will feel it in my legs tomorrow haha

And of course some photos so you can at least get a feeling of just how awesome it was! I’ll be sure to bring my proper camera another time so I can get some good pictures of the wonderfulness up there.


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