Le Genevois style

So the other day while I was in the car driving to school to pick my host kids up I heard a rather amusing song on the radio. It’s a parody of Gangnam Style which is about  “La Genevoise” – the people living in Geneva. They’re basically singing about the stereotype of people in Geneva, and if you happen to know French I can promise that you’ll find this amusing! In fact I’m pretty sure you might find it amusing even if you don’t know French haha! I was quite surprised that they were actually playing the parody on the radio here, but it was defintiely fun to hear it on there. I’ve even heard the song twice on the radio already. It’s also quite fun to see that the video has been shot in Geneva and at one point the singer is even next to Geneva’s famous fountain.  So it’s definitely worth taking a look at this video and listening to the song!


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