Back in France/Switzerland

Even though I never actually wrote that I went to Sweden, as the  title says I am now back in France/Switzerland again since almost a week ago.  And I have to admit that the idea of going back here again did not appeal to me. Now that I’m here it’s not quite as bad as I imagined it to be, nevertheless truth is I am tired of my host family and just the fact that I constantly have to live with a family that’s not my own. I’m even considering leaving, but not sure that I will do it in the end. After all the beautiful alps do to some extent compensate for my wish to leave haha.

Anyway, to avoid focusing on the negative parts – I had a lovely time in Sweden! It was really nice seeing everyone again, getting to speak some Swedish for once and sleeping in my own bed in my own room. It’s not until you go somewhere else that you realize how much you’ll miss everyone and just your own country in general. Christmas and new years were great, despite the fact that I was ill for a couple of days. My boyfriend was also there for a week, which made it all even better, but also resulted in lots of translating between Swedish and English haha. The only bad thing really was that I had to leave them all again to go back here, but before that I had a very nice time in Sweden!

I got to see the incredibly cute Tindra again! And she also got Christmas presents as you can see!


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