Where did my motivation go?

So originally I had set a goal for myself to finish the first draft of my novel by the end of December, but things haven’t exactly gone the way I planned. While the end of NaNoWriMo was still just a daunting thing ahead of me I worried that I would lose my motivation to write when I no longer had the instant pressure of reaching 50 000 words in one month’s time.  And now the end is here and has already passed it’s turned out that my worries were justifiable, as it is exactly what has happened. In the 18 days which have passed since I reached the finish line, I have written less than 2500 words and I have not even opened the document in 8 days’ time. These aren’t great news, and I hate how I’ve ended up doing exactly what I worried about.

The weird thing is that once I actually think of my story I’m rather excited about it, yet I can’t find the motivation to do any actual work on it. I know it’s only been a bit over two weeks, but I know that if things continue like this I’m never going to finish telling this story, even though I so badly want to reach the point where I can finally add “The End”. And this is exactly how I’ve ended up with so many beginnings to stories, yet very few ends, if any at all. It’s the actual writing that stops me, despite the fact that I find the writing in itself rather enjoyable most of the time. Is there anyone else who’s got this problem? Have any of you got any tips on how to get yourself to actually finish the writing which you have started? How do I reach “The End” when motivation is nowhere to be found?

I haven’t given up on my story yet and I really hope that I will be able to finish it, but I fear that with my inner editor’s return came my motivation’s disappearance. The two of them can’t seem to coexist, and that appears to be what is interrupting my writing. But to finish this text on a positive note I should also mention that I’m determined to go on and do my best to finally finish one of my stories. I have also learned something from all of this: for next year’s NaNoWriMo I should really try to reach the end of the first draft by the end of the month. Actually having a finished first draft will make things a lot easier after the end of NaNoWriMo, and that’s even if this first draft isn’t complete. The most important thing is that it consists of a beginning, a middle and an end. This is because another thing which seems to stop me from writing is the fact that I’m somewhere about halfway through my story, with the end nowhere to be seen. It’s very discouraging being so far away from the end of such a long story.

Hopefully somewhen in November next year I’ll go back to this blog post to learn from my experience and take my own advice. But for now all I can do is keep on writing, because that’s the only way I can finish this and be able to say the magical words: “I have written a book”!


2 thoughts on “Where did my motivation go?

  1. Boy, I can relate to your post, in fact, I wrote a post yesterday on the exact same thing. Having the 1667 word per day goal kept me going and once I met the challenge, I couldn’t write any longer. I haven’t opened my NaNo project since I met the challenge on November 28th. Some comments on my blog have been to let it rest for now which is what I plan to do. After the new year, I’ll attack it and have a finished product. For now, I’m going to stop all of the questioning and enjoy the holidays. Good luck to you!

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