So yesterday I was in Geneva watching the l’Escalade. In 1602 around this time of the year Geneva was attacked by Savoyard soldiers, but the people of Geneva successfully defended their city. Ever since then they hold the Escalade every year to celebrate their victory over the French.  A link if anyone wants to know more about the celebration.

During this weekend the old town of Geneva has therefore been filled of events with people dressed in period costumes, and this is what I went to watch. The whole thing was quite nicely done, and definitely worth a visit.  I quite enjoyed watching the costumes and most other things really. Another thing which belongs to this tradition is a cauldron made out of chocolate and filled with marzipan vegetables.  This tradition stems from quite a funny legend that a woman, Mère Royaume,  poured hot vegetable soup over the soldiers climbing the walls of the city. These chocolate cauldrons are sold everywhere in the city around this time of the year.

So here are some photos (quite a few actually) which I took when I watched some of the celebrations.


Attacking the audience? Haha, naaah, but don’t tell me it doesn’t look like it!

IMG_0882 IMG_0875



The chocolate cauldron!

And just about every chocolate shop in Geneva looks like this at the moment


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