A weird day

Today has been a weird day. I’ve just felt lonely and out of place and haven’t really known what to make of myself. Sometimes life as an au pair is pretty weird, and sometimes life in general is too, and today the two of them seemed to collide.

I spent the evening watching two films, which was nice because it keeps me from thinking of where I am and what life’s like at the moment. It keeps me from feeling lonely. And really I’m not even that lonely it’s just that whenever there are days when I don’t meet anyone else apart from the host family I tend to feel lonely, because I’m not part of their family and I just kind of feel like I’m in their way. Anyway despite the negative parts of today, I did actually spend the day doing something too. I’ll have some pictures up from it tomorrow so you can see what I was up to.

Unrelated picture, but this is what it sometimes looks like during summer on my way back to the house from the bus. Having views like this is one of the reasons being an au pair isn’t all bad all the time.


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