Snowmen and Metallica

Today it’s been snowing pretty much all day, which already means that today was a good day. I’m really hoping the snow will stay, cause I’ve been wanting snow for ages now.

One of my host kids was sick today so I had to spend the entire day with him. But that’s not too bad when you can for example build snowmen during work! It’s definitely an advantage being paid to have fun. I mean it’s not fun and games all the time, but at least for some of the time. The evening wasn’t any worse really, as it was partly spent in front of the fireplace toasting marshmallows. Fridays are normally better workdays anyway, since it means I don’t have to chase the kids around to make sure they get all of their homework done, which is pretty much what most other days consist of. And let me tell you that is something which is not fun!

The fact that I’m going home to Sweden in 15 days, and that Metallica are now on Spotify don’t exactly make things any worse. Family and awesome music are always good things! And I happen to have been listening to lots of Metallica today, seeing as I’ve been wanting Metallica on Spotify for ages!


So you can see just how much snow we actually got today


Our epic snowman! Who we later on crushed by jumping on him … And the arms which you can see, no they don’t belong to the snowman haha


Snow, snow, lots of snow


And it was snowing like this pretty much all day! This also happens to be the house in which I am living


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