The first snow and lovely company

So today I was planning to go outside to take photos of the beautiful snow covered mountains/alps, but by the time I was all ready to leave the house they were nowhere to be seen – the fog had once again stricken. So there was no longer much point in bringing the camera outside. However it was also snowing today (!) which resulted in me feeling the need to go outside, as I happen to absolutely love snow, and especially the first one. Thus, despite the fog I do have a picture to share with you.

On another note, yesterday I went into Geneva to meet up wtih another Swedish girl. She’s here to work in a lab for six weeks, as she’s studying to be a doctor. And she turned out to be really nice! I definitely liked her and we ended up sitting at Starbucks talking for almost five (!) hours. We seemed to have a lot in common and among many things we  talked about Harry Potter and what fantasy series that we like haha. Coversations like that can’t be anything but great. And the fact that yesterday was also the first time it’s been snowing properly here this winter, didn’t exactly make the day any worse! I’ts always nice getting away from the house and the host family and instead spend some time speaking with a new lovely person on a snowy day.

IMG_0770edit IMG_0733
1.                                                                                       2.
1. So this is what it looked like outside of the house today. Welcome you wonderful snow, I have missed you!
2. And this is my host family’s dog Charlie, not nearly as awesome as our own boxer Tindra, but he’s alright!


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