Spent the day in York

Went to York today, while the kids I’m looking after were at school, as this was my last chance to go there. I wanted to take some photos of it since I think it’s a really beautiful city (as you can see in the photos), probably one of my favourite English cities I’ve been to.  It’s got lots of very nice old streets.

Feels weird that I’m leaving the day after tomorrow. There’s not much time left now. I’m kind of happy about leaving but then again I’m not. It’ll be nice going back to my own home and family, but I think I’ll probably miss the kids a bit, and England in general.

I’m spending my last day meeting up with the other au pairs in town to say good bye and then I’m probably going out for dinner with the family in the evening. Will hopefully be a good last day. At least I’ve got something to look forward to when I’m leaving, considering I’m gonna be staying with my boyfriend for a week before I get on the flight back to Sweden.

Found a Swedish meatball wrap, which I obviously had to try haha! It was nice, although the only Swedish thing about it was the meatballs, because other than that there wasn’t really anything Swedish about it haha



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