Crazy Egyptian traffic

A few more phots from the trip. And about the traffic if you’re used to the Swedish traffic the Egyptian traffic is just unbelievable. Everyone drives everywhere and doesn’t seem to care at all about any laws. It’s just crazy. Seeing a car coming towards you on the wrong side of the road is not an unusual sight, and the cars are completely filled with people. They keep changing lanes all the time, and sometimes drive five cars next to each other even though it’s only three lanes. Our guide told us quite a funny story about it. Apparently he used to live in the US for a few years, and when he first got there he drove the way he’d normally do in Egypt. So he changed lanes all the time, drove past cars on both the right and left hand side, and generally didn’t pay any attention to traffic laws. This resulted in him having the police follow him haha. After that he realized he couldn’t drive like that there!


The view from our hotel room, incredibly close to the pyramids! Was definitely a view you enjoyed waking up to

The traffic is CRAZY in Egypt, this is not an unusual sight


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