I’ve been to Africa

Yeep, it’s true! I’ve been to Africa, Egypt to be precise, and it was EPIC. Saw loads of things and took lots and lots oh photos. (Yes, I am aware the blog’s not very updated, but let’s focus on the positive things, like Egypt!)

So I thought instead of writing you a wall of text I’d tell you about it through my photos, well with a bit of text as well.

So we’re starting with this one:

This photo is taken at the beach by our hotel in Ain Soukhna. And yepp, that is the red sea!! How awesome is that!?!?! We stayed there for four days and it was indeed very nice. Spending your days either relaxing by the pool or at the beach isn’t too bad! Adding to that complimentary breakfast and dinner doesn’t really make it worse. Although I have to admit I ate way too much haha, but that was expected! Either way it was a very nice stay!


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