I’m an artist!

Yes, indeed I am, well at least at the moment. My definition of an artist is someone who gets paid for drawing, thus someone who actually earns money on doing it. To me this sounds like a pretty awesome work, and today it hit me that I’m actually an artist – I get paid for drawing! Now this probably needs a bit of explanation. As it says in the about section (I don’t think you would have read it but at least it’s there!), I’m working as an au pair a at the moment and one of my work tasks is to spend time with the kids. The children I’m looking after happen to enjoy drawing and so do I, thus I draw with them. And as this is one of my work tasks I actually get paid for doing this! Hence from now onwards I’d like you to refter to me as an artist! (slightly sarcastic) This is actually one of the best things about being an au pair – you get paid for doing fun things. Not only do I get paid for drawing with them, but also for watching tv and films, and that’s not too bad, is it?


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