I’m slowly turning into a vampire…

I think I might possibly slowly be turning into a vampire… not on purpose though. I’ve already got quite a few of the significant traits – the vampire teeth (well sort of at least), I’m very pale and cold most of the time and I dress in lots of black clothes. However I think I’m slowly acquiring another one of them – only being in the dark. For some weird unknown reason I kinda like it when my room is dark, even during day, so therefore sometimes I simply leave the curtains in front of the window. At the moment this is exactly what I’ve done and the clock is what, almost 1 pm? I’m aware it seems rather weird, maybe even slightly crazy, but yeah I guess that’s me. Yesterday I did not leave the curtains, however as it got dark towards the end of the day I didn’t turn on the lights and so I ended up lying on my bed listening to music in complete darkness. As a result of this I was even jokingly asked if I were a vampire, and I don’t blame them for asking. This is also the second time I’ve been asked if I’m a vampire. The last time was when I was wearing entirely black clothes and looking pale. Something I feel is important to mention here is that if I’m now turning into a vampire it’s NOT the ‘fairy’ vampires of Twilight, but some epic bloodthirsty and non vegetarian ones. Vampires used to be cool, but Stephenie Meyer sort of ruined their reputation…damn her.

May I also add that as crazy as I may seem, there’s no reason to be frightened of me … unless you’re planning to annoy me … THEN WATCH OUT! In fact then there’s even good reason to look behind you … (BUSTED, I know you couldn’t keep yourself from looking!)


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