Somewhere on a park bench

So yesterday morning was crap, and I kinda felt like just going back home. Was feeling really sad so I decided to go buy some lunch and chocolate and have lunch in the park. Turns out the weather was great so wasn’t such a bad idea after all. So I ended up spending an hour on a park bench and just sat there thinking after I had finished my lunch. Turns out it was exactly what I needed and I felt much better afterwards, although also partly due to an unexpected phone call which I didn’t even take but it still made me happier, thank you ❤

Sometimes I think this is gonna be a very long year, and a lonely one. Being away from everyone I like and not really being part of any family. But I’m trying to stay positive and things might actually get better after the upcoming friday when I’ve got an appointment at the college. Also after getting back from the park today the day just got better and the evening actually wasn’t bad at all. But still…And it just keeps changing, one days great, and the next day’s crap and I’m just missing everyone.


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