I’ve always had a hard time figuring out what I want to do for a living and you know how they always say you should try think of something that really interests you or that you like doing cause that might just be what you’d like to work with. So far I haven’t really been able to find anything like that either. I mean there are of course things I like doing but nothing that really really interests me and which I’d like to work with. But lately I’ve realized that fantasy or perhaps  more generally video game art might be that special interest. I mean every time i see a fantasy magazine, ‘how to draw fantasy’ books etc i get really excited, cause well I just simply love looking in them. The wonderful pictures and the worlds that they depict fascinate me, and whenever I look at them it makes me want to create fantasy worlds of my own, it makes me wanna draw and write about fantasy. Yes, I know it sounds rather geeky and weird, but it’s just the way I feel, I’m just simply  fascinated by fantasy, science fiction and other similar genre. The first time I really thought of this was when I visited my friend in Stockholm this summer. On the underground I spotted an ad for a Science Fiction book store and begged my friend we’d go there. She wasn’t too eager but we ended up going there anyways. This book store turned out to be one of the best shops I’ve ever been to. The book store was filled with fantasy and science fiction books and even a bit of manga, which I loved drawing a few years ago. And well let’s just say that to me it was paradise. I could honestly have stayed in there all day long if it wasn’t for my friend being with me (may I add that while I looked at all books she checked out the guys haha). And well it wasn’t just the fact that I love reading these types of books that had me so excited over the shop, but also the fact that I couldn’t get enough of the book covers. Most of them were awesome, and well some of the books I could have bought simply cause of their fantastic book covers. But back to the point, it was after this visit that I started thinking of how this really interests me. About two weeks ago I bought two ‘how to draw fantasy’ books and I once again thought of how much  I like this, and then a week ago I was looking at some fantasy magazines and digital arts magazines and on the back of one of them I found an ad for a digital animation and visual effects school in Florida.  This is what finally made me realize it, maybe this was exactly what I wanted to do!  For example developing characters and environments for movies and video games as a job sounds pretty damn awesome to me. I’ve got a feeling that this is just one of those dreams you have that won’t come true though. However at this point I don’t really care, this is what I think would be fun doing and therefore I’m gonna continue dreaming of it for the moment even if it might not be what I’ll actually do.  But you never know, nothing’s impossible…

Hmm, looks like I just wrote a miniature essay that probably no one will read haha


2 thoughts on “Realization

  1. Hahaha du vet att jag alltid läser dina essays! Gjorde på ib, gör nu! xD hahahah asså du är för rolig! vart värsta yaaay wow hon skriver om mig! xD hahahaha men vi får gå dit igen nästa gång du kommer hit!!! xD hahahha lustigkurre! ❤

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