Hello there!

So I’ve started this blog for no apparent reason seeing as I already have a blog. However I much prefer writing in English (for no apparent reason either) and well I didn’t want to just randomly switch to English on my other blog (it’s currently written in Swedish -my native language), so well here I am. Also my other blog is at the moment mostly focused on my everyday life as an au pair, and I felt that I needed another place where I could write more about my thoughts and things that interest me. So that’s what this blog’s supposed to be. I’m planning to fill the blog with thoughts, dreams, pictures, writing, drawings, music and whatever else I feel like sharing. It’s after all my blog, and I’ve got the final say.

So who am I? Well I’m a crazy, weird, and rather geeky 19 year old Swedish girl. I’m currently living in England working as an au pair, studying to be a Web Designer on a distance course from a Swedish university and now also taking an English course here in England. Busy huh? Things that interest me are photography, drawing, music and reading. More about me can you find under about and if there’s anything more you want to know just ask and I’ll be happy to answer!


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